The Key To Natural Posing - eBook

In Depth Guide To Taking Beautifully Posed Pictures | taught by Katie Evans

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This posing book is a must-have for any photographer wanting to get those fun, fresh lifestyle photos. It goes into specific detail of how to interact with each subject/group, what to say to your subjects, where to place your subjects, and how to achieve those natural, un-posed poses!

Here’s what is revealed in this book:

• The different scenarios including, Newborns, Babies & Toddlers, Kids, Seniors, Couples, Families, and Large Groups and what you need to know specifically regarding each one.

• The sneaky tactics of how to put your subjects at ease thus accomplishing that “Natural Lifestyle Look”.

• What every photographer should know about capturing the moment and not just forcing the mood.

• Specific advice to help you accomplish the perfect photo session.

• And, the key to unlocking the photo’s you desire.

It also includes over 200 photo examples to give you ideas and show you exactly where to place your subject(s).

*This book is a digital download.*

Katie Evans
Katie Evans
Photography Instructor

Katie Evans has been a professional photographer for the past 6 years. She has written 3 sought after photography books as well as owns and operates Key to Pictures Academy ( Katie has been teaching photography online and in person to students worldwide. She adores her students and is committed to helping them succeed.

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