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Got Your Fancy $1500 DSLR. But Don't Have Time To Read The Manual...?

Instead, Would You Rather Take Photos Like a PRO? (Without feeling lost or overwhelmed!) We've heard your cry...manuals are overwhelming, confusing and just don't give you that 'I did it!" factor, do they?

What if you had a behind the scenes tutorial on ANY and all shots you wanted to learn how to make? And what if it was all organized in a database you could search at will--whenever you wanted to learn a new skill or technique?

It's not fantasy-and some of the sharpest new photographers are using this database for killer results.
Here's the deal...If you've wanted to get amazing shots while feeling excited, creative and confident don't spend your valuable time reading dull, technical drivel, become a part of the movement.

This Photography Academy is for YOU.

Katie Evans
Katie Evans
Photography Instructor

Katie Evans has been a professional photographer for the past 6 years. She has written 3 sought after photography books as well as owns and operates Key to Pictures Academy ( Katie has been teaching photography online and in person to students worldwide. She adores her students and is committed to helping them succeed.

Course Curriculum

What is a Fixed or Prime Lens?
What is a Zoom Lens?
Lenses I Have, Lenses I Want
Gear Quiz
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Exposure Triangle: Crack the Code
What Is Aperture?
What is Depth of Field?
Using the Highlight Indicator Setting
Exposure Quiz
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Understanding White Balance
How to Adjust Your White Balance
Different Camera Modes Explained
How to Shoot in Manual Mode
Easy to Follow Steps to Begin Taking Pictures
Which is Better - Jpeg or RAW?
Settings Quiz
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Locking in Your Focus Point
Where to Land the Focus Point
The Trick to Sharp Handheld Images
Focusing Quiz
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Using Outdoor Lighting
Making Eyes Sparkle
Shooting in Mid-Day Sun
The Secret Sauce to Indoor Pictures: Part 1
The Secret Sauce to Indoor Pictures: Part 2
The Secret Sauce to Indoor Pictures: Part 3
The Beauty of Backlighting
Capture Silhouettes FREE
Using Your On-Camera Flash
Lighting Quiz
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3 Rules Not to be Broken
Understanding the Rule of Thirds
How to Position Your Subjects in the Frame
Why You Should Fill the Frame
Ways to Frame Your Picture Naturally
Composition Quiz
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Product Lighting
Easy Inexpensive Backgrounds
Using Foam Board as a Background
Watermark With Lightroom
Watermark With Photoshop
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How to Import Pictures into Lightroom
Organize Lightroom Part 1
Organize Lightroom Part 2
How to Get Rich Colors - Part 1
How to Get Rich Colors - Part 2
Easy Editing with Copy & Paste
Using Fill Light & Recovery in Lightroom
How to use the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom
Editing to Reduce Noise/Graininess
How to Use Brushes in Lightroom
How to Load and Use Presets in Lightroom
How to Edit Backlit Photos
How to Edit Silhouettes to Make Them POP
How to Remove a Specific Color
How to Edit Firework Photos in Lightroom
How to Smooth Out Skin
Stunning B&W in Photoshop Elements
Editing Tricks to Create Beautiful Eyes
Go From Blah, to Great!
How to Rescue an Ugly Photo!
Getting Colors to POP in Photoshop Elements
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Q&A Session 1
Q&A Session 2
Q&A Session 3
Q&A Session 4
Q&A Session 5
Q&A Session 6
Q&A Session 7
Q&A Session 8
Q&A Session 9
Q&A Session 10
Q&A Session 11
Q&A Session 12
Q&A Session 13
Q&A Session 14
Q&A Session 15
Q&A Session 16
Q&A Session 17
Q&A Session 18
Q&A Session 19
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Critique Session 1
Critique Session 2
Critique Session 3
Critique Session 4
Critique Session 5
Critique Session 6
Critique Session 7
Critique Session 8
Critique Session 9
Critique Session 10
Critique Session 24 (April 2016)
Critique Session (May 2016)
Critique Session (June 2016)
Critique Session (July 2016)
Critique Session (August 2016)
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