Who is this guide for?

Someone at any photography level wanting to capture their perfect castle shot.
Who is this guide for?

Do I need a DSLR (fancy) camera to use this guide?

Nope! You can use whatever camera you have. I'll give you specific instructions for each kind of camera…phone camera, point-and-shoot, and DSLR.
Do I need a DSLR (fancy) camera to use this guide?

In this guide you will learn:

  • The exact camera and lens I used to get my castle shot. (You'll be surprised at how inexpensive it is!)

  • What camera settings to use to get that professional look. (Even if you're using your phone camera.)

  • Specifics of what to wear including how to build coordinating outfits.

  • How to handle any weather condition you might encounter.

  • The perfect time of day to get your shot plus what to do if the sun is right in your eyes.

  • My secrets to how to make it look like you're the only one in the park. (Even if it's super crowded!)

  • Specific tips and tricks for overcoming grumpy family members.

  • Simple solutions to easy natural posing including posing examples for the entire family.

  • Exactly what went down the day I captured my Disney castle shot as I walk you through each shot.

  • Simple, yet crazy effective editing techniques to make your picture totally pop.

This in-depth course will make capturing your perfect Disney castle shot a reality in the simplest + easiest to understand way. You can't miss!