Snap to Success: The Business of Photography 101

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Life is meant to be enjoyed but as many of you know, sometimes that just isn't the case. Bills to pay, feelings of inadequacy, regret, can all get in the way of our inner peace and happiness.

However, did you know there are TRIED and TRUE ways to overcome those parts of life and begin fresh? To enjoy life again and feel renewed? To live your photography dreams with confidence?

Part of enjoying and experiencing life is having the ability and capability to follow your dreams and ambitions. On this 2 Course, 8-Part journey you will completely transform yourself and learn the skills to create a life and business that works for you.

I will hold your hand as we walk through the steps of creating and building your own personal photography business. It's going to not only be completely informational and transformational but it will be so fun!


“Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."
 -Norman Vincent Peale

Part 1: The Power of YOU

• Discover how to make yourself a priority and why it is VITALLY important to do so.

• Learn the 3 practices you must do DAILY that will completely transform your life.

Week 2: Overcoming Fear

• Learn the tried and true techniques that will allow you to push past the fear and tackle anything in life.

Develop the skills to let go of limiting beliefs and live on purpose.

Week 3: Discover Your Unique Gift and Purpose.

Find out how to tap into your unique and special gift.

Walk through the steps to identify your specific purpose in your life and in your business.

Learn how to be the true you and see how it brings you everything you want.

Week 4: Create Clear Goals

Discover the skills to create goals that will inspire and move you forward in your life and business.

Use these specific affirmations to bring your dreams and desires to reality.


“Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it." – Debbi Fields

Week 1: How Do I Become A Business?

Learn how to go from being just someone who has a camera to becoming an actual business.

Discover how simple it is to create an online presence.

Download all my business files and forms. (photo print release, model release, minor model release, client questionnaire, client to-do list)

Week 2: How Do I Find My Own Look?

Learn how to build your portfolio with ease and fun.

Learn exactly when to start charging people.

Figure out pricing the simple and easy way.

Week 3: Marketing

Expand your client base without being salesy or pushy.

Gain fun, fresh ideas to market your business.

Learn how to successfully use social media platforms to grow your business.

Week 4: How Do I Keep Customers for Life?

Get my secret sauce for retaining each and every customer.

Learn how to create and execute a personalized email marketing plan.

Download my gifts to give your own customers and learn how to create your own.

Katie Evans

Katie Evans

Photography Instructor

Katie Evans has been a professional photographer for the past 8 years. 

She has written 3 sought after photography books as well as owns and operates Key to Pictures Academy ( as well as her popular lifestyle blog (

Katie has been teaching photography online and in person to students worldwide. She adores her students and is committed to helping them succeed.

Course Contents

8 Videos

8 PDFs