Ordinary to Extraordinary

Unique 6-Module Workshop to Create Exceptional Photos | taught by Katie Evans
  • 28 Videos
  • 7 PDFs
  • 12.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
The Key to Natural Posing ebook
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Module 1: Utilizing Natural Light
Module 1 Overview
Lighting in the Shade
Lighting Indoors
Lighting in Full Sun/Cloudy
Editing Backlighting and Silhouettes
Live Session: Module 1
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Module 2: Effortless Interaction with Subjects
Module 2 Overview
How to Interact With Younger Kids
How to Interact With Older Kids/Teens/Adults
How to Build Your Own Self Confidence
Live Session: Module 2
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Module 3: Easy and Natural Posing
Module 3 Overview
Natural Posing: Part 1
Natural Posing: Part 2
Flattering Angles
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Module 4: Crystal Clear Focusing
Module 4: Overview
4 Key Components to Sharp Photos
Lenses for Sharp Photos
Landing the Focal Point
How Depth of Field Affects Sharp Photos
Increase Sharpness in Editing
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Module 5: Unique Story Telling through Composition
Module 5: Overview
Rules of Composition
Watch Your Background
Filling the Frame
Straight Lines
Telling the Story Through Composition
Trying Out New Angles
Before & After's
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Bonus Module: Solutions & Answers
Bonus Module: Overview
Solutions and Answers Video
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Course description

Other workshops are missing a key component which is---What’s happening in the photographers mind. In this workshop I’m actually dictating to you my inner dialogue and thoughts leading to the actions I take.

So much of what is actually happening to create those dreamy photos is so often overlooked and never revealed. It’s the inner dialogue where the magic happens. And most of the time when we teach people how to create the kind of pictures we are creating we leave out that part. We don’t realize how necessary and important it is to the final product.

It’s good to learn a skill or a technique but it’s better to know HOW and WHY the skill and technique came about.

In this course there are 5 KEY components:

1- Utilizing Natural Light

2- Effortless Interaction with Subjects

3- Easy and Natural Posing

4- Crystal Clear Focusing

5- Unique Story Telling through Composition

With each of these modules I dive in deep. I teach you techniques and skills PLUS I share my inner dialog and practices.

SO if you’ve ever thought—What are talented photographers actually DOING, SAYING, and THINKING before they click the button? What is that elusive magic only they know?

This is for you!

Each module is special and unique and is equally important to putting those polishing touches on your photos. You will have a written portion, a video, photo examples, and homework in each module.

Module 1: Utilizing Natural Light
~ My first thoughts and decisions regarding light when I get to a location
~ The best kinds of light to look for
~ Finding good light in Direct Sun, Shade, Indoors
~ Positioning your Subject(s) in each lighting situation
~ Overcoming the Pitfalls in each lighting condition
~ Finding the perfect spot for Backlighting and Silhouettes

Module 2: Effortless Interaction with Subjects
~ What to say to your subject to bring about true emotion
~ What to say to Kids and Adults to relax and BE more natural in front of the camera
~ How to relate to your subject and form immediate bonds
~ How to Build your own confidence that will come through in your photos

Module 3: Easy and Natural Posing
~ Ways to direct your subject to feel natural and comfortable
~ Ideas for Natural ways to position newborns, babies, children, High school seniors, and families.
~ Photo examples to use during your own photo shoots
~ How to capture that lifestyle look from the everyday

Module 4: Crystal Clear Focusing
~ The best equipment for sharp photos
~ Specific downfalls to crisp pictures and how to overcome them
~ Where to land the focus point when shooting more than one person
~ What camera settings to use to increase sharpness
~ How to add the final sharpness in editing

Module 5: Unique Story Telling through Composition
~ Specific ways to utilize landscape and location to tell a story
~ Photo examples showing useful ideas in distinctive composition
~ How to make an average location become remarkable
~ My 2 simple adjusting secrets to create drama and interest

PLUS a Bonus Module!
In this bonus Module I’ll address pitfalls. Not everything is butterflies and roses. Life can be messy. Photography can be messy too. So often things come up (including our own insecurities!) that we don’t plan for. So I dig deep and discuss real life situations and real life SOLUTIONS to questions like:
~ What if I just can’t find the “perfect” location?
~ What if the lighting is crappy?
~ What if my subject will NOT cooperate?
~ What if I’m scared to death and my heart is beating out of my chest?
~ What if my kids are fighting and won’t help a mother out?
~ What if someone keeps giving me “tips” and telling me what to do during a photo session?
~ What if my “vision” isn’t working out and I’m not getting the shots I’ve imagined?
~ What if I’m just not a good photographer and I want to quit?

~ What if I don’t have the best equipment and gear?

And more!

I won’t sugar coat it and pretend problems never arise. Because clearly, they do! I’ll give you actual solutions and answers to real life issues.

Course Requirements:

~ A basic knowledge of your camera and how to shoot in manual.

~ Skill level is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers

~ Time commitment is approx. 2-3 hours per module.

**The information in this workshop can be applied using your DSLR camera AS WELL AS your phone camera

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Katie Evans
Katie Evans
Photography Instructor

Katie Evans has been a professional photographer for the past 6 years. She has written 3 sought after photography books as well as owns and operates Key to Pictures Academy (keytopictures.com). Katie has been teaching photography online and in person to students worldwide. She adores her students and is committed to helping them succeed.

Katie Evans, instructor